[2014] 2084: A Science Fiction Show /Episode 2: The Fall of Artists’ Republic

Experimental video by Anton Vidokle & Pelin Tan (Lebanon / 2014 / 18” / English). Cinematographer: Karam Ghossein.

The second episode of 2084 is the latest in a three-part science fiction show, directed by Pelin Tan and Anton Vidokle. Filmed on location in Tripoli, Lebanon, this video is set in a future where the Artists’ Republic, an artist-run city-state, has collapsed and art has become a thing of the past. Despite the demise of art, artists inexplicably continue to exist, albeit as animals. These new animal-humans are trapped in a cement dome where they ponder questions of labor, economy, religion, art and literature, while trying to come to terms with their new condition.


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