Lebanon, Germany / 2017 / Docufiction / 23 ‘’

The place of beginnings: a suburb pushed up against Beirut airport. Our turf: a treacherous stretch of highway, separating us from the sea, the roar and shadow of planes bearing down from the sky. The road claims some of us, the sea yet others, and the planes a few more. But guns also take their share.

A return to this site invites a re-examination. How far from me is Ibn Zanouba, really? Do we ever really leave that very first place of precarious living and inflated dreams, or does its resonance ever truly leave us?

Directed, written and shot by Karam Ghossein, “Street of Death” will have its world premiere at Berlinale Shorts – Official Competition in Berlin in February 2017. The film was commissioned by the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts -Ashkal Alwan, with support from the Robert A. Matta Foundation, and  supported by the the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC). A fine cut of the film screened from 9-11 June 2016 at VideoWorks Beirut.

Camera: Karam Ghossein
Editor: Vartan Avakian
Sound Engineer: Mohamad Salameh
Sound Mix & Design: Ramzi Madi
Colorist: Belal Hibri
Narration: Mounzer Baalbaki
Produced by: Friendly Fire Films (DE) & Lamha Productions (LB)

Producers: Emily Dische-Becker & Karam Ghossein
Written and directed by: Karam Ghossein

To request access to the screener on Vimeo, please write to emilydische[at]


Berlinale Shorts, Press Release: Reframing the Image, 10 Jan 2017

Review (Arabic), Street of Death, Al Modon, 11 June 2016

Arab Fund for Arts & Culture: 2016 Cinema Grantees


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