[2014] Now eat my script: Writing the Experience of Syrian Refugees

Essay film by Mounira al Solh (Lebanon / 2014 /24” / Arabic w/ English subtitles). Cinematographer: Karam Ghossein.  Line Producer: Abla Khoury, Ginger Beirut Production. Produced with support of Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Hamburg & Beirut. Screened at: ArtBasel, IFFR, Portland International Film Festival, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Kunstwerk Berlin, among others.

“Now Eat My Script is a precipice, a fluid solution in which some spectral noises of the self float adrift. Narration takes the role of a pregnant writer who continuously affirms her hunger and clumsiness towards language and history. Her body is crossed over by both the years to come and the stories that have been buried. As a would-be pirate, she navigates through the tumult of familiar waters.

A faltering, yet seemingly omniscient text roams among cities, and between memories that cannot find a proper place, or a proper fiction: After Eight chocolates, children’s group showers, a yellow car that resembles a Dodge, or a pigeon rock where men kill themselves become the phantom limbs of the sacrificed visceral body of speech and story telling that surrounds them. Now Eat My Script is about knowing disastrously.”

Watch full film on Youtube.


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