[2017] Street of Death  – Director / Cinematographer / Co-Producer                          

Short video (Lebanon, Germany / 2017 / 22” / Arabic w/English subtitles). Commissioned by The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts – Ashkal Alwan for Video Works, with support by the Robert A. Matta Foundation, and supported by the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture. Fine cut screened at Video Works (Beirut, Lebanon) from June 9-11, 2016. World Premiere at Berlin International Film Festival in Official Shorts Competition in February 2017, where the film was awarded the Audi Short Film Award.  [See more]

[2016] Camp Pause (Dictaphone Group) – Cinematographer

Video for exhibition (Lebanon / 2016 / Arabic w/ English subtitles). Commissioned by the Dar al Nimer Foundation. Rashidieh Palestinian refugee camp is located on the coast of south Lebanon, to the south of the city of Tyre. It is the closest Palestinian refugee camp to Palestine. In Rashidieh, Dictaphone Group worked with four residents of the camp mapping their everyday routes from their homes to the sea. Narrating stories, each participant lead the group towards the final scene in which they place themselves with the background of the sea.

[2016] A feeling greater than love – Cinematographer

Feature documentary by Mary Jirmanus Saba (Lebanon / 2017 / 99 “/ Arabic w/ English subtitles). Supported by Busan International Film Festival Asian Documentary Fund, Screen Institute Beirut, Beirut Film Station, and the National Science Foundation. Developed at Berlinale Talents Doc station, Doc Med Producers Program 2011-2012. World premiere at Berlinale Forum 2017 – FIPRESCI Award.

[2016] Falling is not collapsing, falling is extending (in progress) – Cinematographer

Experimental video by Marwa Arsenios (Lebanon / 2016) [See more]

[2016] Amateurs, stars and extras (in progress) – Cinematographer                                  

Video installation by Marwa Arsenios (Lebanon / 90” / Arabic w/ English subtitles)

[2015] In the Streets ­– Cinematographer                                                                            

Feature-length documentary film (Lebanon/Germany/Egypt / 2017 / 75” / Arabic, German, Serbo-Croatian w/ English subtitles). Produced by Tyrian Purple Pictures (Lebanon), SeenFilms (Egypt), Shafra Mediengesellschaft (Germany)

[2015] The Fourth Stage (Al Marhala al Rabiaa)  – Cinematographer                               

Short film directed by Ahmad Ghossein (Lebanon/  2015 / 37” / Arabic with English subtitles.) Screened at Berlinale Forum Expanded (2016).

[2015] Shelter – Writer / Cinematographer / Editor                                                                   

Immersive documentary and installation piece directed by Tamara Qiblawi (Lebanon, 2016, produced by Heinrich Böll Foundation)

[2014] Brazil (Rebhet Lbrazil) – Director / Cinematographer                                    

Experimental short, graduation project, Lebanese University ( Lebanon / 2014 / 15” / Arabic w/ English subtitles)

[2014] 2084: A Science Fiction Show /Episode 2: The Fall of Artists’ Republic – Cinematographer                                                                                                                  

Experimental video by Anton Vidokle & Pelin Tan (Lebanon / 2014 / 18” / English)

[2014] Have You Ever Killed A Bear? Or Becoming Jamila – Cinematographer

Experimental video by Marwa Arsanios (Lebanon / 2014/ 25” / Arabic with English subtitles). Screened at Berlinale Forum Expanded (2015)

[2014] Now eat my script: Writing the Experience of Syrian Refugees – Cinematographer (link)                                                                                                                  

Essay film by Mounira al Solh (Lebanon / 2014 /24” / Arabic w/ English subtitles)

[2014] Becoming Wreckage – Cinematographer                                                                     

Video By Maxime Hourani (Lebanon / DCP / 2015 / Arabic w/ English subtitles)

[2014] Nothing to Declare (Dictaphone Group) – Cinematographer

Nothing to Declare is a research-based video performance by Dictaphone Group that explores borders within Lebanon, those between Lebanon and its neighbors, and across the Arab world.

[2013] Summer 1991 (Eté 1991) – Cinematographer                                                               

Essay film by Nadim Tabet & Karine Wehbé (France, Lebanon / 2013 / 22” / Arabic, French w/ English subtitles). Festival Côté court, Pantin, 2014 – Compétition Expérimental – Essai – Art vidéo –Prix du Pavillon et Prix Sacem de la meilleure musique originale

[2013] Rowdy refugee days (Yawmiyat Laji’ Moushakis) –Cinematographer              

Feature documentary film by Jomaa Hamdo

[2012] Dinosaurs – Cinematographer                                                                                           

Video installation by Mounira al Solh. Screened at Art in General, New York – HomeWorks, Beirut – CCA Glasgow , Scotland. Commissioned by Art in General, New York

[2011] My Father is Still a Communist, Intimate Secrets to be Published – Cinematographer                                                                                                                            

Documentary short by Ahmad Ghossein (Lebanon / 2011 / 32”/ Arabic w/English subtitles). Winner of Jury Prize at Doha Tribeca Film Festival. Screened at Berlinale Film Festival, Museum of Modern Art, NY

[2011] Dancing in Beirut – Cinematographer                                                                             

Documentary by Ruben Gischler


[2014] Al Rayyan TV – Segment Director                                                                                

Culture programming for Qatari TV (Qatar, 2014)

[2011-2012] Al Jazeera Television -Segment Director & Videographer                                

Programs: Zeman al Moubadara & Al Shabab

[2008-2010] Future News TV  – Segment director / Videographer                                       

Programs: Mazaj, Tawasol, Lamasat, Double Click, Kalimat Moutakatiaa.

[2008-2010] Danish Broadcasting CorporationCinematographer


[ 2016] Parallel Gems – Cinematographer (Link)

Video for exhibition But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa, Guggenheim Museum, New York (2016 / 5.20” / Arabic with English subtitles)

[2011-2012] UNHCR  – Segment Director

[2011-2013] Short Fuse Films – Videographer                                                                        

Music videos

[2008-2010] Bipod Dance Festival (Documentary) – Director & Cinematographer

[2007-2008] MAQAMAT Dance Group at Bipod Festival and Autumn Dance Festival -Assistant Director & Videographer